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issue 15 - july 11, 2001

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In This Issue:
  • Hardware Review: Panasonic DVD-RV31 DVD player

  • New Line's infinifilm™ DVD

  • Buena Vista's "Vista Series" DVD

  • "It's How They Said It" - memorable movie quotes

  • New Releases

  • Upcoming Releases

  • Good Deals on DVD movies and DVD players

Hardware Review

Panasonic DVD-RV31 DVD player.  We evaluated Panasonic's new $200 entry-level DVD player, and we're pretty impressed with this model's winning combination of features, performance, and value.  The DVD-RV31 can read CD-Rs and CD-RWs, and decode MP3s.  We're giving it an emphatic nod of approval and adding this model to our list of recommended DVD players as an "excellent value".  Read more.

Panasonic DVD-RV31, click here to read our review

New Line's infinifilm™ DVD

New Line Home Entertainment's new "infinifilm" logoNew Line Home Entertainment is introducing an awesome "new line" (pun intended!) of premium DVDs: the infinifilm™ DVD series, beginning with their release of Thirteen Days (new release this week).  infinifilm promises (and delivers!) a whole new level of immersive bonus features.  The infinifilm playback mode pops up a navigation menu during selected scenes, offering seamless branching to relevant bonus materials.  Read more.

Buena Vista's "Vista Series" DVD

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has ushered in a new brand of premium DVD titles, entitled the "Vista Series".  The first title released in this premium label is M. Night Shyamalan's (the director and writer of "The Sixth Sense") Unbreakable.  The Vista Series promises to be a "celebration the filmmaker's vision with imagination and content".  Does it deliver as promised?  Find out.

"It's How They Said It" - memorable movie quotes

"You know those who can't do, teach? Well those who can't wed, plan."
   Jennifer Lopez as Mary Fiore, explaining why she plans 
   weddings for a living but isn't romantically involved herself, in
   The Wedding Planner (now on DVD)

"...there's always two kinds. There's the soldier villain who fights the hero with his hands and then there's the real threat -  the brilliant and evil archenemy who fights the hero with his mind."
   An explanation of comic book villains in
   Unbreakable (now on DVD)

"The future holds limitless possibilities, Milo. You decide what the future holds for you. Let me know.  You know, when I look at you I see something I haven't seen in 20 years... I see me.."
   Tim Robbins as the savvy CEO in the high tech thriller
   Antitrust (now on DVD)

New Releases

Thirteen DaysNew DVD releases this week, July 10, include: Thirteen Days, State and Main, Proof of Life, and The Pledge.  Other recent releases include The Wedding Planner, Unbreakable, and Save The Last Dance.  See our complete list of new and recent DVD releases.

Upcoming Releases

Here are a few of the DVD titles we added to our list of upcoming releases since the last e-Newsletter:

  • 3000 Miles from Graceland 
    (Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courtney Cox) - 8/7

  • Memento (Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss) - 9/4

  • The Tailor of Panama 
    (Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush) - 9/11

  • Blow (Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz) - 9/11

  • Citizen Kane: 60th Anniv Ed (1941) - 9/25

  • The Terminator: Special Ed (re-release,
    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton) - 10/2

  • Fiddler on the Roof - 10/2

more upcoming releases >>   

Good Deals on DVD movies and DVD players

Hannibal Pre-order.  Pre-order your copy of the Hannibal  Special Edition 2-disc DVD from 800.com for only $16.94.  That's 44% off the list price of $29.98!  Pre-order now and save, before this deal is gobbled up.  Hannibal is released on August 21.

DVD Players On Sale: If you're looking for a good sale on a DVD player, make sure you check out our list of DVD players on sale before you buy.  Here are some examples:


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DVD Movie Reviews

The Wedding Planner

Read our latest DVD movie reviews:

> The Wedding Planner

> Unbreakable

> Thirteen Days

> Save The Last Dance

> Cast Away

> Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

> Once Upon a Time in China II

> Antitrust

DVD Movies On Sale!

> Charlie's Angels $16.94 (39% off)

> Ghost $19.94 (33% off)

> Quills $19.99 (33% off)

> Traffic $17.94 (33% off)

> Crouching Tiger,
Hidden Dragon
$19.49 (30% off)

> Cast Away $20.99
(30% off)

> Unbreakable $20.94 (30% off)


Pre-orders at up to 
44% off:

> Hannibal $16.94
(44% off)


 more titles on sale >>   

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