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- DVD-Video

- Single-sided

- Dual layer, layer switch at 42:18 
     (end of Chapter 11)

- Region 1

- Run time: approx. 128 minutes

- Subtitles: French, Spanish

- Menus: Animated

- Scene selection: Static picture

- Package: Keep case


Video Features:

- 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen


Audio Features:

- English: Dolby Digital 5.1


Bonus Materials:

- Audio commentary featuring director 

     Michael Apted

- 2nd audio commentary featuring 

     production design Peter Lamont, 

     second unit director Vic Armstrong, 

     and composer David Arnold

- "The Making of The World Is Not 

     Enough" documentary

- The Secrets of 007: Featuring Alternate 

     Video Options

- Theatrical trailer

- Music video by Garbage

- Collectible booklet


Release Dates:

Theatrical Release:      11/19/99

DVD Release:              05/16/00

Review Date:               05/16/00


List price:                     $ 35.00

Avg. on-line price:       $ 24.50

Pre-order price was:    $ 21.00


The World Is Not Enough

Special Edition 

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, 
     Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards, Robbie Coltrane, 
     Judi Dench, Desmond Llewelyn, John Clesse, 
     Maria Grazia Cucinotta, and Samatha Bond

Directors: Michael Apted and Vic Armstrong


MPAA Rating: PG-13

Studio: MGM

Movie: A        Video: A        Audio: A        Extras: B


Summary: James Bond is back and better than before.  There's non-stop action
   Bond style!  This 19th Bond film on DVD is a must for every James Bond fan or 
   action-thriller fan alike.  The extra materials were few considering this is a 
   Special Edition DVD.


The Story


Pierce Brosnan returns as agent 007 in this 19th James Bond movie.  It's a non-stop, action-packed, big and better Bond movie than ever before, as Brosnan performs some of his own stunts in the famous "jet-boat chase sequence" down the Thames River.


Agent 007 investigates the bombing assassination of Sir Robert King in the MI6's own office and takes on the assignment of protecting King's beautiful daughter, Elektra (Sophie Marceau).  He then uncovers a terrorist plot, orchestrated by Renard (Robert Carlyle), to destroy the oil pipelines of eastern Europe in an attempt to control the world's oil supply.  Brosnan is assisted by Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards), a nuclear scientist helping to defuse nuclear warheads.


The James Bond character is given a more "human" quality than in previous Bond movies.  Along those lines, the character "M" (Judi Dench), head of the British secret service, is given a more involved role in this latest Bond movie.  We'll leave it at that so you can still enjoy the movie.  


The Extras


There's much use of computer generated special effects, and they're so well done that most fans won't even notice until they watch the bonus feature: "The Secrets of 007: Featuring Alternate Video Options".  This bonus feature is cool, since it uses the angle feature of the DVD format to make seamless transitions.  There are two audio commentary features.  One is by the director Michael Apted, who together with Brosnan developed the 007 character into one with greater emotional depth.  The second is by the second unit director Vic Armstrong, who was instrumental in developing the many action sequences.  There's the typical "The Making Of" featurette, theatrical trailer, and a music video (by Garbage).  All considered, we thought that as a Special Edition, this DVD comes up a little short in the bonus material department.


Video & Audio


The image quality of this anamorphically enhanced widescreen DVD is first rate, playing tribute to the beautifully photographed exotic locations.  The colors are vibrant, saturated, and accurate.  The digital surround sound literally explodes in this non-stop action movie.




We highly recommend this latest James Bond action-thriller on DVD.  The DVD format shines as it delivers a very satisfying home theater experience for Bond fans and the not-so-Bond fans alike.  Because it is a Special Edition, we expected more bonus features on this DVD.


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