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- DVD-Video

- Single-sided

- Single layer

- Region 1

- Run time: approx. 95 min.

- Subtitle: English, Spanish

- Scene selection: static

- Package: Keep case


Video Features:

- Anamorphic Widescreen

- Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 widescreen


Audio Features:

- English: Dolby Digital 5.1

- English: Dolby Surround


Bonus Materials:

- Trailer

- Cast and Crew

- Commentary with Director
    Ed Raymond

Release Dates:

Theatrical Release:          2000

DVD Release:              10/24/00

Review Date:               10/16/00


List price:                     $ 29.99

On-line price:               $ 20.99

Pre-order price was:    $ 16.99




Starring: Coolio, Brent Huff, Nicole Eggert, Dennis Weaver,
      Fred Williamson, Maxwell Caulfield, Yvette Nipar

Director: Ed Raymond


MPAA Rating: R

Studio: Phoenician Entertainment and Paramount Pictures

Movie: C        Video: B        Audio: B-        Extras: B-


Summary: "Submerged" is an intense, action packed movie about a group of terrorists stealing the National Defense Thunderstrike control unit and then hijacking an airplane carrying the micro-board software.  The CIA and the ATF are both pressured to rescue the passengers and recover the micro-board.


The Story


The research lab is demolished by the head of security, Mr. Cort (Coolio), after he steals the Thunderstrike control unit.  CIA Agents Mack Taylor (Brent Huff) and Jim Carpenter (Maxwell Caulfield) warn Buck Stevens (Dennis Weaver) to delay his delivery of the computer micro-board that controls the National Defense Thunderstrike satellite which is capable of launching nuclear weapons.  Buck continues with his plan to deliver the software along with a small crew on his private Boeing 747.


The pilot (Fredric Lane) is paid to plunge the plane into the Pacific Ocean, and then the terrorists lead by ex-marine colonel Owen Cantrell (Tim Thomerson) turned arm dealer retrieve the computer micro-board.  Meanwhile, Mack and Wendy (Yvette Nipar) are working to resolve the situation after the pilot informant is found dead.  The actions escalate and the fight to get back Thunderstrike micro-board intensifies.

The Extras

The Special Features section contains one theatrical trailer, Cast and Crew listing for Coolio, Nicole Eggert, Fred Williamson, Maxwell Caulfield, producers Noble Henry and Alison Semenza, and Commentary with director Ed Raymond.  Ed Raymond shares his honest feelings and expectations during his filming.  He discusses how the selection of the cast and crew came about and the planning behind the special effects and stunt scenes. 


Video & Audio


The image quality is good.  The colors are accurate and saturated.  The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound is generally effective, though the dialogue was briefly difficult to hear in a few scenes.


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