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- DVD-Video

- Single-sided

- Dual layer

- Region 1

- Run time: approx. 135 min.

- Subtitle: English, French, Spanish,
    Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai

- Scene selection: motion images

- Package: Keep case


Video Features:

- Anamorphic Widescreen

- Aspect ratio: 1.85:1


Audio Features:

- English: Dolby Digital 5.1

- French: Dolby Surround

- Spanish: Dolby Surround

- Portuguese: Dolby Surround


Bonus Materials:

- Edward Zwick and Brad Pitt audio

- Cinematographer John Toll and
     Production Designer Lilly Kilvert
     audio commentary

- Production design featurette

- Original making-of featurette

- 3 deleted scenes with director's

- Isolated music score with highlights

- Theatrical trailers (7)

- Talent files

- Production notes


Release Dates:

Theatrical Release:         1994

DVD Release:              10/17/00

Review Date:               10/09/00


List price:                     $ 29.95

On-line price:               $ 20.99

Pre-order price was:    $ 16.99




Legends of the Fall
Special Edition
Academy Award® Winner for 1994 Best Cinematography

Starring: Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Aidan Quinn,
      Julia Ormond, Henry Thomas, Karina Lombard, 
      Gordon Tootoosis, Christina Pickles, Paul Desmond, 
      and Tantoo Carndinal

Director: Edward Zwick


MPAA Rating: R

Studio: Columbia Pictures

Movie: A+        Video: A        Audio: A-        Extras: A


Summary: "Legends of the Fall" is a beautifully told movie of brotherly love, 
   fatherly love, passion, betrayal, and the untamed side in some of us.  It tells 
   a story of what happens to family when three inseparable brothers are 
   captivated by the same beautiful woman.  This is one of my favorite films 
   of all time, and this re-release as a Special Edition DVD is sure to please any 
   collector.  This is a "sure-hit" for fans of heart-felt dramas and should not be 


The Story


"Legends of the Fall" is a touching, tender, romantic epic, as told by a Cree Indian "One Stab" (Gordon Tootoosis).  It is a story about Colonel William Ludlow and his three sons, Alfred (Aidan Quinn), Tristan (Brad Pitt), and Samuel (Henry Thomas), and the people whose lives they touched.  Beginning in their childhood, Alfred and Tristan both looked after their younger brother Samuel with the utmost care.  Tristan had always had an untamed, free spirited side to him that only his father, Alfred, and One Stab could understand.


Years later Samuel brings home his fiancée, Susannah (Julia Ormond), to introduce her to his family.  Both Alfred and Tristan are immediately captivated by her beauty when they first meet Susannah.  Though Samuel and Susannah plans to be wed soon, Samuel is outraged by the war that is breaking out in Europe and decides to enlist and help England in the war effort.  Though Samuel is quite idealistic and anxious to follow his father's footsteps to glory, his older brothers follow him to war, to protect him from the perils of the war and to bring him home safely.  The night before the brothers were to leave for war, Susannah seeks comfort in the arms of Tristan in her frustration in trying to change Samuel's mind in going off to war.


On the battlefield, Tristan does his best to care for Samuel, but Samuel is tragically killed in action when he unexpectedly volunteers for a reconnaissance mission. When Tristan returns home, he mourns for this brother, and is scorned by Alfred for not doing a better job of protecting Samuel.  Tristan and Susannah seek comfort in each other as their passion grows for each other... We'll leave it at that for you to enjoy the movie.


The acting is top-notch, particularly those of Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Aidan Quinn, and Julia Ormond.  The emotionally charged story is so beautifully and tenderly told with these actors' high caliber talents.  Chances are you'll love this movie as much a I did.

The Extras

"Legends of the Fall" was originally released on DVD in April 1997.  Appropriately, this Special Edition re-release includes a lot more extra materials.  They include two audio commentaries, deleted scenes, a production design featurette, an original making-of featurette, talent files of the principal cast and crew, theatrical trailers (Legends of the Fall, Legends of the Fall Feature Trailer, Seven Years In Tibet, The Devil's Own, A River Runs Through It, The Mask of Zorro, and Bram Stoker's Dracula), and isolated music scores.  There's enough extras here to satisfy even the most demanding collector. 


In the first running audio commentary, director Edward Zwick and Brad Pitt re-tells of the making of the feature film, including discussions of the location choices, training of Bart the Bear, and Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond both learning horseback riding for this film.  In the second commentary, production designer Lilly Kilvert and director of photography John Toll narrate the movie from the perspective of their collective efforts on the film.  Lilly re-tells her experience of building the Ludlow ranch, modeled after turn-of-the-century Russian architecture.  I thought both commentaries are very informative and quite entertaining.


In the deleted scenes section, three deleted scenes entitled "The War", "The Asylum", and "Grandfather Ludlow" are optionally narrated by the director Edward Zwick.  He explains why these scenes, although well performed, were cut from the final version.  A four-minute production design featurette with production designer Lilly Kilvert is quite informative.  She explains how she re-created the scene for downtown Helena, Montana in only three days.   A six-minute original making-of featurette takes you behind the scenes with cast's re-telling and interpretation of the story line.


The isolated music score features ten musical scores (entitled: Legends of the Fall; The Ludlows; Off To War; Samuel's Death 1, 2, 3; Alfred Moves to Helena; Farewell/Descent Into Madness; Goodbyes; The Wedding; Revenge; Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend) with accompanying film footage highlights.  This is a nice extra that plays tribute to the beautiful musical score as composed by James Horner (of Titanic and Braveheart fame).  I particularly like this feature, since it's like getting the soundtrack for free (which I would have otherwise bought on CD).


Video & Audio


The image quality is top notch, paying tribute to the beautiful, Oscar-winning cinematography of John Toll.  The colors are accurate and saturated, while shadow details are good.  The Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound is well balanced, with good use of the surround channels.  The soundtrack makes ample use of the low frequency effects (LFE) channel as well. 




"Legends of the Fall" is one of my favorite movies.  As a Special Edition, this DVD is packed with bonus material, and is quite a bargain.  If you're a fan of heart-felt drama, I would certainly recommend this movie (and this DVD for that matter).  And don't forget to throw in a box of Kleenex® tissues.


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