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NetFlix DVD & Blu-ray Rental Free Trial

DVD & Blu-ray rentals by mail & instant streaming movie service

Try it... we think you'll like it!


If you sign up by clicking through our link to NetFlix below, your one month trial is absolutely FREE!!!  There's no long term obligation.  What do you have to lose?

This offer is good for new NetFlix customers only.  No coupon code needed.


To Enroll

Sign up here or click on the NetFlix logo below to sign up.  Your one month trial period is absolutely free!

Not sure?  Read about the benefits of this program.

click here for free one month trial

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Why rent DVDs & Blu-ray movies online at NetFlix?

  • Selection - NetFlix rents virtually every DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc title ever printed.  There are over 100,000 unique DVD-Video and over 1,000 Blu-ray Disc titles to choose from NetFlix's inventory.  Chances are your local video rental store can't match this selection.  To see Netflix's complete listing of available DVDs, visit Netflix and search for your favorite titles or browse through the genre listings.

  • Convenience - You can choose the DVD titles you want to rent by visiting NetFlix online, selecting and queuing up a list of DVD movies, and your DVD selections will arrive in the U.S. Mail with a postage pre-paid return envelope.  When you're done, simply mail it back with the postage pre-paid return envelope.  There's no hidden costs.  No more driving to your local video rental store.  No more standing in line.  The time you save can be used as time for DVD.  (Ha, ha.)

  • No Late Fees - There are no late fees.  You can keep each title for as long as you wish... one night, one week, one month, one year.

  • Value - Watch as much as you want.  Depending on the subscription price plan, how many rentals you watch each month is only limited by how quickly you watch and return it for another title (typically it only takes one day for your DVD to arrive).  For example, with the $8.99/month plan, you get to check out one DVD at-a-time.  Should you go through an average of eight DVDs total a month, by checking one at a time, watching, returning and getting another.. If you cycle through two DVDs a week, that's a net cost of about $1.12 per DVD rental... That's a great deal!  For $13.99/month, you get two DVDs out at-a-time.  For $16.99/month, you get three DVDs out at-a-time.  Other plans are available.

  • Flexibility - Your membership is on a month-to-month basis.  You can cancel or put your account on hold at any time and re-start your membership at any time.  There are a number of plans available, and you can switch amongst them on a monthly basis.  So there is a plan that is bound to suit your movie enjoyment style and monthly budget.

Example of postage pre-paid return 
envelope and protective DVD sleeve:

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NetFlix Customer Service Contact Info

Are you trying to contact NetFlix's customer service with regards to a concern or question?  Try this link , terms of use, or call toll-free 1-866-519-1190.



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