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What's New?

> Blu-ray adoption rate currently tops
   21 million households of the total
   115 million U.S. total households

> Netflix adds unlimited instant streaming
   streaming only, no DVD rentals, for $7.99

> Netflix on Android devices?
   When will this be available?

> Netflix available on Windows Phone 7
   Windows Phone 7 smartphone

> Netflix Canada can stream to Xbox360
   you just need Netflix & Xbox LIVE Gold

Blu-ray Disc player reviews> Blu-ray Disc Player
   Buying Guide
   Ready to upgrade
   from DVD to Blu-ray?


> High Definition
   Surround Sound

   to match the HDTV
   visual experience
> Netflix signs on NBC Universal
   streaming of prior season TV programming

> Netflix expands its service to Canada
   with instant streaming service of movies
   and TV episodes for Canada

> Netflix service reviewed:
   rental program | instant streaming

   Why so much coverage on Netflix
   Their successful streaming business will
   revolutionize they way we watch movies
   and TV programming. Get Netflixation.

> 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Shopping Guide
   when you are ready to take the next step
   into another dimension in home theater



read our Digital TV & HDTV tutorialNew to HDTV, Blu-ray Disc and home theater?  You've come to the right place:

> Digital TV & HDTV Tutorial
   did you know there are 18
   digital TV formats?

> Surround Sound Overview
   Dolby Digital, DTS, 6.1-channel
   Extended Surround for DVD

> High Definition Surround Sound
   Blu-ray's premiere surround sound formats
   Dolby TrueHD | DTS-HD Master Audio

> Home Theater Receiver Buying Guide
   complete guide to what you must know...

> THX Overview:
   what does it do for me?

> Dolby Headphone
   simulating 5-channel surround sound

> Super Audio CD Overview
   the ultimate format for multi-channel music

> DVD-Audio Tutorial
   high-resolution multi-channel audio format

> Home Network Guide
   how to hook up your Blu-ray Disc player to
   your home network and the internet

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
   answers to your questions

> Glossary & Acronyms:
   DVD and home theater terms defined

> Site Search
   Looking for something specific on this site?


Feature Articles

> Digital SLR Buying Guide - NEW

> Using high ISO settings to capture pictures
   in dim light - NEW

> Netflix rental review

> Netflix instant streaming review



> Home Theater - how to build one

> HDTV - TV perfected

> Blu-ray Disc - high def picture & sound

> DVD - still a winner

> Super Audio CD (SACD)-multi-channel music

> Mamarazzi book review


Do You Blu-ray?

Blu-Ray Disc logoAre you considering upgrading to the Blu-ray Disc format? Blu-ray Disc players do not just play Blu-ray discs, they upscale your DVDs to near high definition quality, stream movies and TV programming from Netflix, stream music from Pandora internet radio, and allow you to access various internet content such as Facebook, Flickr, Picaso. We can help you find the right Blu-ray Disc player that meets your needs and is within your budget:

> Blu-ray Disc tutorial

> Blu-ray Disc Player Buying Guide

> Blu-ray Disc Player Shopping Guide

> 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Shopping Guide

> 3D Blu-ray movie releases


Blu-ray Disc Player Reviews

Blu-ray Disc player reviews

Shopping for a new
Blu-ray Disc player?  Read our reviews and make an informed decision.

> Samsung BD-C5500
   a solid entry-level player, $131

> Sony BDP-S370
   entry-level player, SACD playback, $135

> Sony BDP-S470
   3D ready, SACD playback, about $144

> Sony BDP-S570
   3D ready, Wi-Fi, 1 GB memory, about $200

> Vizio VBR231
   dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n, $180

> Vizio VBR220
   Wi-Fi 802.11n, $158


Calibration Blu-ray Disc

DVE HD Basics Blu-ray disc calibration discSo you got a new HDTV.  That's great. But are you getting the best picture possible? You can, with the the help of the DVE HD Basics calibration disc.

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DVD & Blu-Ray Rentals Online

try Netflix free for one monthYou must try online DVD & Blu-ray Disc rentals from NetFlix.  They have virtually every DVD title in print - that's over 100,000 titles. They also rent a large selection of Blu-ray Disc titles. And you also get Netflix instant streaming of movies and TV shows. Right now, NetFlix is offering our readers one month of Blu-ray Disc & DVD rentals absolutely FREE. There's no obligation for you to continue past the free period. What do you have to lose? Read more or sign up here.


Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360Why Xbox 360?  Besides taking video game consoles to the HDTV era a few years ago, Microsoft's gaming platform offers some great games!  For example, read our review of The Beatles Rock Band.


Music Reviews

Read our Super Audio CD reviews:

> Erich Kunzel - "Music of the Beatles"
   (multi-channel SACD)

> Erich Kunzel - "On Broadway"
   (stereo SACD)

> Mormon Tabernacle - "The Sound of Glory"
   (multi-channel SACD)

more music reviews >>   



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